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Reliable Home Foundation Repair in Austin, TX

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We're here to offer the most reliable home foundation repair Austin, Texas, has ever experienced. From our low prices to free estimates and inspections, our company is committed to treating its customers like royalty. We understand that dealing with foundation damages beneath your house can be overwhelming. Our contractors aim to make the repair processes as burdenless as possible.

Since 2007 our team has been perfecting its home foundation repair skills through workshops and on-the-job training. We only use techniques that have a proven track record. All of our equipment and tools are from industry-leading vendors. Why? Because we want our repairs to last a lifetime. Any materials we use on your home are backed by manufacturer warranties that you can trust.

As a fully licensed, blonde, and insured business, we take great pride in giving clients the best experience, which means we never cut corners or take shortcuts. Have you had an inspection lately? Why not schedule one right now? You can call our office and get an appointment on the books.

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What are the Basic Benefits of Home Foundation Repair?

There are many reasons why professional house foundation repair in Texas is essential. When there's an issue with the foundation, it is wise to have it addressed quickly. Foundation damages can spiral out of control very fast! Here are some benefits to expect:

  • Peace of Mind - Knowing that your foundation is stable and secure can reassure you, especially if you live in an area prone to earthquakes or other natural disasters.
  • Damage Control - If you don't repair a damaged foundation, the problem will worsen over time. This could lead to more serious structural issues, which could be costly to repair.
  • Increased Property Value - A well-maintained foundation can add value to your home. This is especially true if you plan to sell your house in the future.
  • Elevated Comfort - A problematic foundation can cause a number of issues, such as cracks in the walls, uneven floors, and water leaks. Repairing the foundation can help to address these problems and improve your home's overall comfort level.
  • Flood Prevention - A damaged foundation can make your home more susceptible to flooding. Repairing the foundation can help to prevent excessive moisture and protect your home from water damage.

If you think your home's foundation may need repair, it's important to have it inspected by a qualified professional. They will be able to assess the severity of the damage and recommend the best course of action. Have you had a chance to browse our blog? It's full of in-depth foundation repair information for residential and commercial structures.

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What are the Foundation Services That We Offer?

The type of repairs that your home's foundation requires depends on the damages found. During your FREE inspection, we'll uncover the root cause of the problem so we can address it first. For example, if exterior or interior cracks on your concrete slabs, you may require house leveling or slab jacking.

Or, we may be able to use polyurethane foam injections. This minimally invasive method involves injecting resin or grout into cracks in the foundation. This seals the cracks and prevents further damage. Another repair technique is piering, a more invasive method that involves installing support piers under the foundation. This helps to stabilize the foundation and prevent it from sinking or settling.

Lastly, we like to utilize wall anchoring when necessary. This method involves anchoring the foundation walls to the ground. It stops the walls from bowing or collapsing. Of course, we use numerous other ways, such as preventative waterproofing for basements and crawl spaces. We'll let you know what your foundation needs.

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Call Our Foundation Experts!

Total Foundation Repair Austin is a dedicated company that cares about getting the job done right the first time. It doesn't matter how complex your home foundation damages are; we will surely have a solution that works. After your initial assessment, our structural engineers will let you know the repair plan and protocol they'll use. We aim to get the floor beneath your feet resting on solid ground. Your home should be rock-solid and stable, starting with a foolproof foundation system. We hope to work on your foundation sometime soon.



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"One of the best experiences I've ever had working with a contractor. Total Foundation Repair provided great solutions for my home, and at a price that was much more affordable than I had originally anticipated. Great work and warranties. Highly recommend."
- James R.

Explore All of Our Foundation Repair Services

Do you know that Total Foundation Repair Austin is an all-in-one company? You don't have to run from one business to another for complete services. We offer basement, crawl space, commercial, and residential repair solutions for affordable rates. Are you dealing with a foundation emergency? Call us 24/7!

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Foundation problems are relatively common in Texas. Don't stress. Total Foundation Repair Austin has the sophisticated equipment and experienced contractors to get your project done.
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