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Affordable Foundation Repair in Hutto, TX

Foundation Repair Hutto, TX - Seriously Dependable Solutions

As the leading foundation repair Hutto provider, our company has over 20 years of experience assessing slab, pier and beam, and other foundation issues and providing expert repair solutions. Whether you're seeing cracks in walls, doors not closing properly, or notice your floors sloping, we have the knowledge and equipment to diagnose the problem and make all needed structural repairs. And with our Lifetime Transferable Warranty, you can be assured your foundation will remain stabilized for as long as you own your home. So, for reliable, affordable foundation repairs serving homeowners throughout Hutto, TX, choose our experienced local specialists at Total Foundation Repair Austin.

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"One of the best experiences I've ever had working with a contractor. Total Foundation Repair provided great solutions for my home, and at a price that was much more affordable than I had originally anticipated. Great work and warranties. Highly recommend."
- James R.
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Searching for Reliable Foundation Repair Services in Hutto, Texas?

With our advanced techniques, customized repair solutions, highly trained specialists, and state-of-the-art equipment, we have the knowledge and capabilities to accurately assess and reliably stabilize foundations across Central Texas. Some of our core services include:

  • Slab foundation repairs
  • Pier and beam leveling
  • Crack injection and seals
  • Wall anchoring systems
  • Waterproofing

No matter if you are noticing cracks in drywall, sticking doors, separating walls or even sloping floors, we can diagnose the root cause and make all structural repairs needed to stabilize your home’s foundation. As a local small business, we pride ourselves on offering very reasonable rates paired with personalized service. Contact us today for a free estimate!


Why Hire a Professional for Foundation Repair

Hiring a professional contractor offers significant benefits over a DIY or an amateur job. Their years of experience and specialized expertise allow them to accurately assess any issues and provide the most ideal long-term solutions. They have the proper tools and knowledge for quality work, helping ensure codes and regulations are met, avoiding safety hazards, and preventing future problems.

Professionals complete jobs more efficiently as well, saving you time. Licensed contractors often provide warranties or guarantees for their labor and products used. While DIY seems cheaper upfront, repairing mistakes or damage done by a lack of expertise can cost more in the long run. Working with an established pro that offers affordable pricing gives you the best of both - an expert job at reasonable rates. So leave specialized work in qualified hands and gain quality outcomes as well as peace of mind.

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We've Got a Foundation Repair Service for You!


As specialists in crawlspace repair and maintenance, we offer complete moisture control services to prevent damage to your home. From dewatering wet crawlspaces and installing drainage systems to sealing entry points, applying vapor barriers, and regulating humidity levels, our team handles it all. We even provide crawlspace encapsulation to turn damp, dirty spaces into clean, usable storage.


Trust our waterproofing services for a dry, protected foundation and improved home value. We handle interior and exterior water issues through drain tile installation, sump pump repair, negative-side sealants, French drains, proper grading, and more. Our detailed assessments pinpoint where water enters so we can create custom solutions, while transferable warranties give peace of mind.


Rely on our team for detailed inspections to identify existing or potential foundation problems. We thoroughly assess all structural elements, including slabs, piers, beams, interior/exterior walls, crawlspaces, and basements. Our accurate reports summarize any signs of settlement and provide repair recommendations from our specialists. Call us today to schedule an appointment.
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Why Choose Total Foundation Repair Austin?


With over a decade of serving Central Texas homeowners, our highly skilled team holds industry certifications and undergoes regular training to offer the most innovative foundation repair techniques using cutting-edge equipment for precise, customized structural solutions backed by warranties.

FREE Estimates

We provide free, no-obligation estimates so you know exactly what to expect cost-wise for your foundation repair or other structural stabilization project. Our transparent quotes outline the personalized solutions we recommend, along with pricing, so you can make informed decisions.


As a family-owned company serving our local community, we aim to make professional foundation repairs affordable. Through fair pricing paired with regular specials and financing options, we offer very competitive rates on all residential projects whether big or small. Call us now to learn more.
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Foundation problems are relatively common in Texas. Don't stress. Total Foundation Repair Austin has the sophisticated equipment and experienced contractors to get your project done.
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