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Foundation Repair Hornsby Bend, TX - We're Your Favorite Option!

Total Foundation Repair Austin is the premier foundation repair Hornsby Bend, TX, and surrounding areas. With over 20 years of experience, our team of experts can quickly diagnose and repair all types of foundation problems, including sinking slabs, bowed walls, and cracked bricks. We offer economical solutions using state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques. All of our work is backed by industry-leading lifetime warranties, giving you complete peace of mind. Trust Total Foundation Repair Austin for all your foundation needs, from simple slab jacking to full foundation replacement.

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See what our customers have to say:
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"One of the best experiences I've ever had working with a contractor. Total Foundation Repair provided great solutions for my home, and at a price that was much more affordable than I had originally anticipated. Great work and warranties. Highly recommend."
- James R.
foundation repair hornsby bend

Professional Foundation Repair Services You Can Count On!

As the leading home foundation repair company in Hornsby Bend for over 20 years, Total Foundation Repair Austin offers superior services to homeowners struggling with a variety of foundation problems. Our team of highly skilled experts provides quality foundation solutions using cutting-edge technologies and proven techniques.

  • Slab Jacking - We efficiently lift and level sinking concrete slabs using polyurethane foam. This stabilizes foundations and corrects uneven floors.
  • Wall Anchors - We securely anchor bowed or inward-leaning walls to keep them from cracking or collapsing. Steel wall anchors are installed in the bedrock below.
  • SmartJacks - Our innovative SmartJack brackets lift sinking foundations with hydraulic power while monitoring lift height digitally. Precision is guaranteed to 1/8 inch.
  • Crack Repairs - We seal foundation cracks with flexible epoxy injections to prevent water intrusion and further structural issues.
  • Drainage Solutions - We install high-capacity drainage systems around foundations keeping soil dry and stable. This prevents future settling and sinking.

Every Total Foundation Repair Austin project is fully guaranteed. We offer free evaluations and estimates, flexible financing plans, and provide reliable lifetime warranties. 


DIY or Professional Foundation Repair in Hornsby Bend?

Attempting foundation repairs in Hornsby Bend, Texas, as a DIY project to save money often leads to disastrous results. Major structural issues should only be tackled by licensed, bonded, and insured professionals like our team at Total Foundation Repair Austin. Here's why you should hire the experts:

  • Correct Diagnosis - Our engineers and technicians properly diagnose the true cause of the underlying issues using state-of-the-art tools before starting repairs. DIYers rarely identify the root problems.
  • Advanced Equipment - We utilize heavy machinery, high-density polyfoams, hydraulic jacks, and other specialty tools homeowners lack access to. Attempting to lift slabs or install piers without commercial equipment is extremely dangerous.
  • Effective Solutions - Our National Association of Home Builders-certified technicians create custom repair solutions that permanently resolve foundation problems according to code. DIY repairs are often cosmetic and temporary.
  • Safety & Compliance - Our crew follows strict safety protocols and acquires necessary permits protecting homeowners from liability. DIY mistakes can put families at risk and violate local building codes.

Don't gamble with the structural stability of your home and safety of your family. Our proprietary solutions, commercial equipment, and expert team deliver reliable, code-compliant foundation repairs guaranteed to last.

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We've Got Foundation Repair Services for All!


Total Foundation Repair Austin proudly provides expert foundation solutions for homeowners across Hornsby Bend. Whether you need simple slab leveling or complex foundation replacement, our licensed technicians offer quality residential services fully guaranteed to permanently resolve all structural issues.


Our company is the premier name in commercial foundation repair and leveling services in Hornsby Bend. Our licensed engineers provide customized structural solutions for industrial and commercial buildings, including warehouses, plants, retail centers, and apartment complexes. Call us now for a FREE estimate.

House Leveling

Is your Hornsby Bend home sinking unevenly? Total Foundation Repair Austin specializes in precision house leveling using both slab jacking and pier and beam methods. Our experienced technicians can quickly diagnose and correct all types of settlement issues, lifting everything back to level while stopping further damage.
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Why Choose Total Foundation Repair Austin?

Experienced Team

With over 20 years serving Hornsby Bend homeowners and commercial clients, Total Foundation Repair Austin's team is highly-skilled, licensed professionals undergoing continual training to deliver innovative structural solutions using the latest methods and technology.

FREE Estimates

We provide no-obligation, complimentary estimates on all foundation repair and leveling projects in Hornsby Bend. Our licensed technicians will thoroughly inspect your property, diagnose issues, and provide accurate project quotes completely free of charge.

Affordable Rates

As the leading foundation repair company, we leverage discounts from partnerships with major material suppliers to offer homeowners the most competitive rates without sacrificing quality. We hope to work with you soon! Talk to a member of our team today about financing.
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Restore your property to its original glory

Foundation problems are relatively common in Texas. Don't stress. Total Foundation Repair Austin has the sophisticated equipment and experienced contractors to get your project done.
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