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Essential Foundation Repair in Buda, TX

Foundation Repair Buda, TX - Prioritizing Your Property!

We are a locally owned and operated foundation repair Buda, TX, company serving home and business owners since 2012. The company specializes in fixing foundation problems such as sinking concrete slabs, cracked or bowing walls, and sinking chimneys. Their repair methods include slab jacking, wall anchoring, foundation piers, and foundation leveling.

With its rapid growth in recent years, many homes in Buda have developed foundation issues that require repair. The company's experienced technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and repair foundation problems for both residential and commercial buildings in Buda, Texas. Services offered include slab jacking to lift and level sunk concrete slabs, wall anchoring to stabilize cracked walls, and installing piers to support sagging foundations.

As a locally owned business, Total Foundation Repair Austin is committed to providing quality foundation repair solutions to homeowners in Buda, TX, and enabling them to restore the structural integrity of their most valuable investment - their home. The company offers warranty options for added peace of mind.

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"One of the best experiences I've ever had working with a contractor. Total Foundation Repair provided great solutions for my home, and at a price that was much more affordable than I had originally anticipated. Great work and warranties. Highly recommend."
- James R.
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Turning to Seasoned Contractors for Foundation Repair is Wise

Foundation problems like cracks in walls, sinking concrete slabs, or shifting supports can cause extensive damage to your home if not addressed quickly. Many homeowners wonder if they can do foundation repairs themselves or if hiring a professional contractor is worth the investment. In most cases, hiring a qualified, experienced foundation repair company in Buda, Texas, is highly recommended and has several important benefits:

  • Expert diagnosis - Professional contractors have the expertise to accurately diagnose the cause of the foundation problem, whether it's due to soil movement, moisture issues, etc. They determine the best repair method.
  • Latest technology and equipment - Contractors use specialized equipment and advanced techniques like slab jacking to lift and level sunken concrete slabs. This minimizes disruption to your home.
  • Code compliance - Licensed and insured contractors ensure all foundation repairs meet the latest building codes and standards.
  • Warranties - Many contractors offer transferable warranties of 5-10 years or more on their foundation repair work. This protects your investment.
  • Safety - Contractors take safety precautions to protect your home and belongings during the repair process. They have worker's compensation coverage.
  • Quality materials - Contractors use high-quality, durable materials designed to last, like steel piers, beams, carbon fiber supports, etc.
  • Experience - Professional contractors have years of experience handling all types of foundation problems. They've seen it all and know how to address them.
  • Peace of mind - With a contractor handling your foundation repair, you gain peace of mind knowing the job will be done right the first time. Your home's structural integrity will be restored.

The investment in a professional, reputable foundation repair contractor is well worth it for the expertise, proper diagnosis and repair, safety, peace of mind, and warranty they provide. It gives you confidence that one of the biggest investments in your life - your home - is in good hands.


What Foundation Repair Services Do We Offer?

Crawl Spaces

Our expert contractors offer crawl space repair and encapsulation to fix moisture damage, mold, pests, and floor sagging issues. Advanced solutions include installing vapor barriers, insulation, ventilation, and dehumidification systems to create healthier crawl spaces.


We use innovative waterproofing solutions to stop basement leaks, seepage, and flooding damage. Methods include interior and exterior drain installation, foundation sealing, sump pumps, and water containment systems to keep basements dry all year.


We thoroughly inspect foundations, slabs, crawl spaces, basements, and all concrete to determine the cause and extent of the damage. Our team uses the latest tools and techniques to provide homeowners with expert diagnoses and recommendations for necessary repairs.

Crack Repair

We professionally repair cracks in foundations, walls, driveways, patios, sidewalks, and slabs. Our expert technicians properly diagnose crack causes, then use specialized injection epoxy resins to seal and structurally reinforce cracks for long-lasting solutions.

Residential Repair

The team specializes in fixing all types of foundation problems for homeowners. Our comprehensive residential solutions include slab jacking, pier installation, wall anchoring, crack repair, drainage systems, encapsulation, and all related services to repair foundations and prevent damage.

Pier & Beam Repair

We level, reinforce, and support sinking pier and beam foundations to stop further structural damage. Our reliable services include beam leveling, cracked beam replacing, added supports, pier straightening, re-leveling, and other solutions.
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Hiring Total Foundation Repair Austin is a Choice You Won't Regret

Timely Service

Our team understands that foundation issues require prompt attention and solutions. Our team works efficiently to diagnose problems, develop repair plans, and schedule services as quickly as possible. We strive to deliver timely, professional service so you can resolve foundation problems with minimal disruption.

Competitive Rates

We aim to provide quality foundation repair services at fair, honest prices. Our rates are very competitive locally, and our pricing structure is straightforward, with no hidden fees. We offer affordable payment plans as needed. Our customers can feel confident they are receiving the best value for their foundation repair investment.

FREE Estimates

Offering comprehensive, no-obligation estimates for all foundation repair and waterproofing services. A technician will thoroughly assess your problem and outline the best repair options with accurate pricing. Our goal is to provide you with the information they need to make an informed decision at no initial cost. Call today to schedule your free estimate.
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Restore your property to its original glory

Foundation problems are relatively common in Texas. Don't stress. Total Foundation Repair Austin has the sophisticated equipment and experienced contractors to get your project done.
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